Portrait of Sharon Reuler by Patrizia Montanari

Sharon Reuler

 is a Texas real estate lawyer who handles the HOA aspects of new common interest developments - subdivisions and condominiums. Her state-of-the-art HOA documents attract a loyal following, such as her largest client whom Sharon has proudly represented since 1995.


Having taught at continuing legal education courses since 1994, Sharon is familiar to Texas lawyers as an authority on Texas HOA law. Sharon is also well-known for decades of volunteer work in the legislative arena, originally as an advocate of HOA bills, more recently as a commentator.


Sharon has earned a reputation for dedication, innovation, and excellence, for which her colleagues have honored her with a number of awards. Not wanting to rest on laurels, Sharon continues to push the envelope within her niche field.


Licensed as a Texas attorney in 1987, Sharon formed the professional corporation of Sharon Reuler, P.C., in 1990. She has practiced under that banner since 1990, even while affiliated with the law firms of SettlePou (2002–2008) and Palmer, Allen & McTaggart (1997–2002).


Sharon is old enough to remember the era in which clients and lawyers visited each other’s offices and chatted over lunch – getting to know each other as people. Sadly, those opportunities now seem fewer and farther between. The following background tries to fill Sharon’s part of the void. When you see Sharon, it will be your turn. 😉


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