1955 – 2015


Please indulge me a moment to remember my professional soulmate, Roy D. Hailey, a well-known and highly regarded Houston attorney who died unexpectedly on February 16, 2015, at the too young age of 59.


I met Roy in 1989 at the formation of a State Bar committee to work on the proposed Texas Uniform Condominium Act. That was before either of us had been at the podium of a continuing legal education (CLE) program. Between 2002 and 2014, Roy and I partnered on ten HOA law presentations of CLE for Texas lawyers, including HOA law updates after the Texas Legislative Sessions of 2009, 2011, and 2013. We were planning the 2015 update when Roy passed.


As the “dynamic duo,” Roy and I developed a back-and-forth style of co-presenting that was unusual for CLE programs in that era. We worked at infusing our presentations with spontaneity and humor, all in the service of educating our audiences (and keeping them awake). We co-wrote all of our materials – each contributing to whatever the other drafted. We celebrated our professional differences (which weren't many), and looked for topics on which we could agree to disagree, thinking it would interest our audiences.


We inspired the best in each other. In the CLE arena, we enjoyed a special synergy that made each of us better as a team than either of us were alone. It was a rare and wonderful partnership that we expected to use for many future CLE projects.


Only weeks before he passed, Roy called me with great excitement – “I took our baby out for a spin, and they really like her!” Translation: “I just presented our 2014 FAQs article and power-point to a group of lawyers who appreciate our concept and materials.” Joyous news because we had been crushed by the indifference of the first audience to hear the presentation of which we were rightfully proud.


In addition to enthusiasm, we shared a commitment to educate Texas lawyers about property owners associations. Behind the scenes, Roy and I worked in tandem to promote the topic of “HOA law” for other continuing legal education programs, such as developing the 6.25 hour CLE program – “Handling Your First (or Next) HOA Assessment Lien Foreclosure,” which Roy chaired in 2014 for the State Bar.


Roy was the best of men. I will forever cherish the trust, respect, humor, friendship, history, and goals that we shared.