Goal #1.

 Our primary goal for HOA documents is to ensure that our clients have development rights to shepherd their projects through sell‑out, including the ability to change the development plan in response to marketplace surprises.


Goal #2.

 Our secondary goal is to provide a legal infrastructure for a successful community that may outlive the brick and mortar. We want future generations to praise our clients for providing HOA documents that "work".



 As a member of our client's development team, we try to make the HOA documents attractive to help market our clients' lots and homes. We use a contemporary san serif typeface that is conducive to reading on a monitor.



 Striving for easy-to-read HOA documents that will be used by non-lawyers, we embrace modern legal writing concepts - plain English (Americanese), short sentences, no legal mumbo jumbo, boxed notices, no semicolons.



 We make it easy to find things in the HOA documents by using tables of contents and descriptive titles for paragraphs. Also, we segregate most declarant protections so owners won't trip over them after the declarant's role is complete.



 Recognizing that our clients are creating "community" with the HOA documents, we try to balance the HOA's powers with consumer protections.


Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

 We have cultivated a reputation for producing documents that are distinctive in appearance, organization, and content. We continually challenge ourselves to make the HOA documents relevant by addressing new experiences, changes of law, and technological advances.